Frequently Asked Questions
Does my child need a uniform?
A Taekwon-Do uniform or Dobak is not necessary for our classes. However, many children feel more comfortable wearing one. There is something special about a Taekwon-Do uniform. Children are more focused and act with greater respect for their instructor and fellow students when dressed appropriately for Taekwon-Do class.

Where can I get a uniform?
A uniform may be purchased at Giorgio's or from your child's instructor at any satellite program. Our uniforms include a silk-screened top, white pants, and belt. The cost for a complete uniform is $43. Pants can be special ordered separately for $28.75.

Does my child need a uniform to receive a stripe or color belt?
In order to receive special recognition for effort in class in the form of stripes or color belts a student must have a uniform and belt. Your child will receive two black stripes and a red stripe in Taekwon-Do class before being invited to attend their first Promotional Day.

When will my child receive a stripe and what does it represent?
Stripes are presented to students demonstrating appropriate listening and focusing skills, effort in class and an understanding of their pattern. This is our way of recognizing and supporting a student's effort and individual progress throughout the current rank. Please ask your instructor if you have any questions concerning your child's progress.

When can my child break a board?
A student may ask to break a board after he or she has been presented with their first black stripe. This initial waiting period is to ensure the safety of the student. However, breaking a board is not a requirement and it is up to you as a parent to decide how often they may break. If a student's behavior is not acceptable in class the instructor may request that he or she not be allowed to break. The instructor and the student will choose which hand or foot technique (knife hand, axe kick ect.) is to be used. Students at satellite programs may break a board at the completion of each session.

How much do they cost?
Individual boards may be purchased at the front desk for $4. You may also choose to purchase a board card. There are two options for board cards, 10 boards for $25 or 25 boards for $50. Board breaking at satellite programs is included in the tuition fee.

Why break boards?
Breaking boards in the Dojang is an exercise which demonstrates the focus, power and skill a student must possess to be successful with each technique and also helps develop confidence in their own abilities.

What is the meaning of the belt colors?
White: Represents innocence, the beginning student with no previous knowledge of Taekwon-Do wears this color belt.
Yellow: Is the color of the earth or soil from which a plant sprouts and takes root. Here is the foundation of TaekwonDo.
Green: Reminds us of plants, symbolizing growth as the student's TaekwonDo skills begin to develop.
Blue: Points to the heavens, the sky, toward which the plant grows and TaekwonDo skills progress.
Red: Stands for danger, cautioning the student to exercise control and warning the opponent.
Black: Is the opposite of white. It calls to mind the vastness and incomprehensibility of outer space. It signifies the beginnings of maturity and proficiency in Taekwon-Do.
There is evidence that the use of colored belts to denote rank is 1300 years old. The current system of White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Black belts is more modern and dates at least to the mid twentieth century.

Why does Giorgio's have a Recommended Green belt?
Our younger students are presented with skill sets appropriate to their developing minds and bodies. Promotional standards are less demanding for children at the lower ranks. Theory, movements, and patterns become more difficult as the student approaches higher ranks. Adults tend to progress at a faster rate. Recommended Green Belt provides young students with additional time to allow him or her to "catch up" to adults. By the green belt level all our students are doing the same patterns.

Is Kidkwon-Do™ self-defense?
Robert Giorgio's Kidkwon-Do™ is a martial art exercise program for children ages three to six years old. It is not about self-defense or fighting. However, Mr. Giorgio has designed martial art techniques that help young students learn about self-awareness, self-confidence, good manners, good friendship and most importantly respect for others and themselves. This is done in a safe and supportive environment.

Should my child practice Taekwon-Do at home?
We tell our young students Taekwon-Do is only for the TKD School or the child's outside program. Please help us teach your children to remember this important rule. Of course, if you ask them to show you what they have learned, that's great!
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