Not Your Average Self-Defense Classes

Dates:  TBD

This class is open to adults and young adults ages 14 and up.  You will learn basic forms of self-defense for defending against real attacks.  Self-defense requires repetition.  It is not something that we know innately or that comes naturally but must be repeated over and over so that it gets into muscle memory and can be performed without thinking.  Taking only one self-defense class or a three day self-defense seminar can give a person a false sense of security.  This program is scheduled to meet once a month for 8 months to reinforce the repetition that is so critical.  You are not required to take all classes though it is recommended.  

The classes are structured to build upon eachother but each can also stand alone.  No class is a prerequisite to another.  Participants will receive a sylibus of what will be covered in each class.  The classes promote proven techniques for self-defense and respect for physical threat.  We provide a safe environment where you can ask questions, learn and practice.

This program is open to Giorgio's students and non-students.  For Giorgio's students, it will augment Ho Sin Sul training and provide a deeper understanding of the role of self-defense in Taekwon-Do.  The presence and training of Taekwon-Do students in the class will also help other participants.  Non-students get to learn great tools for self-defense and get an introduction to one aspect of martial arts training.

Robert Giorgio has been practicing Taekwon-Do for 31 years and teaching for 26.  His goal is to teach students how best to avoid a dangerous situation, and when self-defense is absolutely required, how to commit 100% to defending oneself until safe from harm.

Though not required, we recommend that you attend class with a partner as it is helpful to practice self-defense with someone you trust.

Program Start Date
Please register before the start date.  You can register using the form on the right side of this page or by calling:  978-440-8531

Ages:  14 and up 
Frequency:  Monthly.  Schedule TBD.
Price:  $15.00 per class per person.  You are not required to take all 8 classes, but it is recommended


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