Robert Giorgio
Mr. Giorgio has been practicing Taekwon-Do for 35 years and has been teaching Taekwon-Do, Taerobixx and boxing techniques since he opened his first MetroWest area studio in 1987.  He has competed in many international and national tournaments and as part of his study of Taekown-Do, attended annual seminars held by General Choi Hong Hi, the founder of Taekwon-Do.  He brings the direct teachings of General Choi as well as his own many years of experience to provide classes with proven techniques for generating power, body control, physical conditioning, and mental stamina.  Mr. Girogio's goal for the school is to provide a fun, safe environment where students of all ages can learn valuable lessons in discipline, perseverance, and self-control.  He is committed to helping his students achieve self-confidence through effort, focus, and dedication.
Lisa Hanson
Director of Youth Programs
Lisa has been part of the Giorgio's family for 16 years.  Lisa received her first and second-degree black belt from Giorgio's and has been a teacher with our studio for 13 years.  She runs several successful Taekwon-Do programs in Brookline.  Lisa has a bachelor's degree in Special Education and is currently working on an adaptive martial arts program that highlights each student's ability, not their disability.  Her goal is to provide each student the opportunity to reach their potential by exploring a martial art and all it has to offer.
Susan Steele
Taekwon-Do Instructor

Susan is a third-degree black belt and has been practicing Taekwon-Do at Giorgio's for 11 years.  She practices Taekwon-Do 5 days a week.  As an instructor, she strives to impart the benefits that she receives from her practice to others:  a sense of power and strength that is internal as well as physical, the joy of being able to control personal movement beyond what is normally expected, concentration on the present without the burden of past or future experience, a high level of physical fitness, and tenacity when faced with challenge. Susan started Taekwon-Do with her son who received his first-degree black belt and is currently a Dodgeball instructor at Giorgio's.
Renata Pomponi
Taekwon-Do Instructor
Renata is a second-degree black belt who began training at Giorgio's Taekwon-Do in 2010 when she saw how much fun her kids were having in class.  She and her two sons earned their black belts together and love to train as a family and with the Giorgio's community.  Her favorite aspects of Taekwon-Do are the mental discipline of patterns and the power and control of board breaking.  Renata began teaching our youth classes five years ago and loves helping her students achieve their goals and discover their own indomitable spirit.
Michael Stefanini
Taekwon-Do Instructor

Michale is a first-degree black belt who has been training at Giorgio's Taekwon-Do for over thirteen years.  He is also a student studying business at Boston College.  His goal as a teacher is to give back to the school that instilled life's core values in him.
Jennifer Yalter
Taekwon-Do Instructor

Jennifer is a first-degree black belt.  She has been training at Giorgio's for 4 years between 4 and 5 days a week and has been teaching at Giorgio's for a year.  Her two daughters train at Giorgio's as well.  During the day, Jen works as a physical therapist.  She lives in Sudbury with her family.
Kerin Dahan
Taekwon-Do Instructor

Karin is a second-degree black belt. She has been practicing Taekwon-Do since she was five and started teaching at 14.  She likes taekwondo because it's fun and provides exercise.  All of her siblings have practiced or still practice at the school. Of the 4 siblings, Karin is the only girl and plans to surpass her older brothers in belt rank.
Dylan Goldman
Taekwon-Do Instructor

Dylan is a first-degree black belt.  Dylan started training at Giorgio's with his family at a very young age.  In addition to teaching, he is the lead instructor for Friday night Dodgeball.  
Meghan Walsh
Taekwon-Do Instructor

Meghan is a first-degree black belt.  She has been training at Giorgio's for 8 years and teaching for 3 years.  Meghan is a dedicated Taekwon-Do student and fierce at sparring. 
Jessica Pan
Taekwon-Do Instructor

Jessica is a first-degree black belt.  She has been training at Girogio's for 8 years and teaching for 3 years.  Jessica has one of the strongest kicks at the school.
Jessie Wang
Taekwon-Do Instructor

Jessie is a first-degree black belt.  He has been training at Giorgio's for 8 years.  He started teaching this year and has become a quick favorite in the youth programs. 

Our Alumni

Not all or our students can stay forever (though we wish they could).  The following students turned teachers must be acknowledged as they have left their permanent mark on the school with their dedication to the art of Taekwon-Do and their desire to pass it on.  Special appreciation to the Goldman family for their many years of support.
In alphabetical order:
Shahar Dahan
Lior Dahan
Marcus Goldman 
Lori Goldman
Alex Goldman
Zach Goldman
Jake Goldman
Brett Goldman
Ben Goreman
Alex Gough
John Helinek 
Annie Kundert
Annie Lawson
Jeffrey Sullivan
Chris Thierauf
Alex Useloff
Grace VanValey
Brandon Waddill