Summer Taekwondo Training Series

Join us this summer for a great round of TKD classes during our Summer hours.  We will be focusing on a specific TKD discipline each week.  This is an opportunity to advance your techniques for testing and tournaments for the upcoming 2014 school year.  
Week 1  - Hand Techniques 
-  Preparation for hand techniques
-  Hand techniques in patterns
-  Forming the hand as a tool
-  How to get proper acceleration
-  Targets for hand techniques
-  Boxing hand techniques
-  How to adapt hand techniques for sparring
-  Using sine wave in hand techniques
Week 4 - Ho Sin Sul/Self Defense
Training for Ho Sin Sul as expected to be executed in tests.  You will have the same partner for all classes and will be assigned different partners during the class.  Final day will show Ho-Sin-Suls to the class.  Fundamentals on Self Defense will be taught during this week as well.
Week 2  - Foot Techniques
-  Sine wave in foot technique
-  Targets for foot techniques
-  Types and purpose:  pressing, piercing, thrusting, checking, pushing
-  Forming the foot as a tool
-  Foot techniques in patterns
-  How to adapt foot techniques for sparring
-  Preparation for foot techniques
Week 5  - Step Sparring
All types of step sparring that you are expected to do in your high color belt tests.  These classes incorporate the learning from Hand and Foot Techniques and Patterns.
-  One steps up to three steps
-  Model sparring
-  Semi-Free sparring
Week 3 – Patterns
Consideration how patterns are judged in competition.
-  Technique
-  Grace
-  Accuracy
-  Breath
-  Rhythm
-  Eyes
​Week 6 - Breaking:  Lessons from hand and foot techniques are applied to board breaking.
-  Tool formation
-  Lining up (where to be to breaking)
-  Mind state
-  Where on the board to hit
-  Breaking Categories:  Suspended, Power, Dropping, Non-supported, Free-throw
Week 7  – Sparring
Sparring is the culmination of all other aspects of Taekwon-Do:  Hand and Foot Techniques, targeting from Breaking, Patterns, Step Sparring, and Self-defensed.  After your 6 weeks of conditioning, you should be fully ready for sparring.  We will work on sparring drills to get you to react with Taekwon-Do without thinking.  No-contact sparring, and moderate contact sparring with pads.