Taekwon-Do is a Martial Art originally designed for Korean soldiers, to gain a better level of self defense and physical conditioning. Once thought to be only for adults, the art has evolved into a system of training for students of all ages to participate in and enjoy.  Taekwon-Do helps to develop balance, coordination, concentration, stamina, and promotes physical and emotional growth.
 On this page, you will find videos on different aspects of training for Taekwon-Do.
Giorgio's offers a variety of classes based on age and skill level:
  • Kidkwon-Do for ages 2.9 - 6
  • Youth Taekwon-Do for ages 7-11
  • Advanced Taekwon-Do for Recommended Green Belt and above
  • Parent/Child Classes for studying Taekwon-Do together
  • Adult Taekwon-Do for ages 12 and up
  • Black Belt Clas for students working on their Red Belt and beyond

This link brings you to the Video section of the Taekwon-Do.NL site.  It's a great resource especially for learning tuls (patterns):  I.T.F. patterns and info on Taekwon-Do.

Ho Sin Sul (Self Defense)


Winter Warriors Tournament