I am a hockey player who needs to have incredible strength, power and conditioning to succeed at the college division one level. I have trained at Robert Giorgio's studio for two years now and I have seen amazing results on and off the ice. The mix of taekwon-do, boxing, strength and agility is perfect for my offseason training, and always leaves me exhausted after each session. The quick bursts of energy Robert puts me through with boxing and taekwon-do match the same intensity as a 30-45 second shift in a hockey game. Along with cardio, I have learned to control my breathing, to exert as much power as possible from my hips, and to improve my overall strength. No matter what sport you play, you will come out of Robert Giorgio's studio a better athlete and in better shape.
--Carl Hesler-Boxborough, MA- Committed to playing division 1 college hockey at Dartmouth College next year- Hopes of playing Pro hockey after college

My son started classes at Giorgio's three years ago. Taekwondo has helped him become a better hockey player; building on his strength, agility, and stamina. The school is a superb way for a child to develop confidence and resilience. It's great to have such a wonderful resource in the community! I highly recommend Giorgio's for both kids and adults. 
- S.G.
My grandson,Zachary, has been taking classes and attending dodge ball sessions and some camps at Giorgio's for almost two years. He looks forward to attending. We believe it has contributed to his self-confidence and self- respect. He loves the instructors who are professional and kind. This has been especially good for Zachary because we were new to the area and he has developed positive friendships at Giorgio's. - Mary Begley
My son, Drew (3rd grader) started tae kwon do classes at Giorgio's just over a year ago. He began in classes with kids much younger than he, which felt "awkward" (Drew's word!) at first. I credit the instructors with making him feel comfortable and helping him understand the philosophy and process behind tae kwon do. They do a great job of tailoring their classes to meet the needs of children of different ages and experience. The high school instructors are also terrific role models; Drew respects and likes them. As I've told Bob Giorgio and the other instructors, Drew looks forward to going to Giorgio's; it's one of his favorite parts of the day. From my vantage point as his mom, TKD has had a powerful and positive effect on his self-concept, self-discipline, and sense of personal responsibility. What more could I ask for? - Caroline Han
We totally love Giorgio's.  I first brought my kids to get them away from the TV on Saturday morning and now my whole family goes. Mr. Giorgio is an amazing teacher who can break down complicated techniques, making them accessible to people at all different skill levels. He has the kind of expertise that comes from deep knowledge and experience - truly inspiring. I highly recommend Giorgio's for kids or adults. - Jen
I have been taking Taerobix classes with Bob for 13 years. I have been keeping it part of my fitness regimen because the workout is not like any other. It combines cardio, resistance and core training all together. In addition, while you block, punch and kick the bag,you are practicing simple but fundamental self defense techniques while you burn major calories away. Everything in your Taerobix class engages your core. I like that the best because it strengthens the most important part of your body for fitness and function.  It's great to come in to the studio and enjoy a  high energy workout that is not only effective, but different than any other class a traditional gym can offer. - Tracey Lucchese
I started Taerobixx because I like to kick things:).  Seriously, I have really enjoyed kickboxing classes in the past, and blending boxing, kickboxing and aerobic exercise focused on the core sounded like a great way to work out.  I love the variation that Giorgio's classes offer, the intensity and the music. The precision and focus required to properly execute the tkd kick/punch combinations, coupled with the demand of a challenging cardio workout, keeps me interested. I like that the class size is not too large, and the other students while welcoming and friendly, are there to work too.  The class time and location are also incredibly convenient. Robert Giorgio is a great teacher, and keeps the class fresh, moving and fun.  - Sarah Tasker
I started at Giorgio's 6 years ago when I brought my son to Kidkwondo classes. We ended up moving to Parent-Child classes and I was hooked. I hadn't done a real sport since I had to give up running. It's so fun to exercise for a purpose. Taekwon-Do keeps me flexible, strong and helps my concentration and focus. There are so many aspects to work on that it never gets old. My son still studies as well and loves it.
I also started taking the new boxing classes. It is the hardest work out I've ever done. I feel so clear headed and exhausted after. Mr. Giorgio is an excellent teacher. Very fun and engaging but, he also knows how to push you so you are challenged and continue to progress.
The school is great. Everyone is friendly and inviting. I've developed a real camaraderie with fellow students, have had many laughs, and worked really hard. I highly recommend Giorgio's Taekwon-Do for children and adults.  - Susan Steele
I take Tbox because it is an all over hardcore workout.  If done at its maximum it engages everyone of your muscle groups. It also provides me with a level of mental clarity because of the precision of the combinations that Mr. Giorgio puts together in his classes. The best part is, it is the only time I can hit or kick something at full force and not get in trouble! - Judy Bloom  
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