Youth Programs
The children in our Kidkwond-Do™ and Youth Taekwon-Do program learn respect while improving focus and attention. The classes are held in viewable rooms and are taught by certified black belts.  All our youth programs instruct students in the art of Taekwon-Do which: builds character, instills respect, improves focus and attention, teaches self-control, and encourages success through personal achievement


Kiddwon-Do™ is an entry level program for your future black belt!
Our system of Kidkwon-Do™, for younger children ages 2.9 through 6, has proven to be especially successful. Most people think that young children must be talented, coordinated, or have some natural gift to train in a martial art. This is not true, anyone can learn Martial Arts. 

Youth Taekwon-Do

These are beginner through intermediate level classes and are open for all skill levels, ages 4-12. Students learn the lower color belt tuls or patterns as a foundation for their practice.  Hand and foot techniques are taught and practiced in a variety of ways that support development of speed, agility, and control.  We also incorporate games for keeping it fun and interesting!

Advanced Taekwon-Do

This is our advanced youth program for all ages, recommended Green Belt and up.  Students continue to work on their lower belt patterns and learn their upper belt patterns as they take on more challenging techniques.  These classes include instruction on sparring and advanced techniques that incorporate combinations, spinning, and jumping.  All are introduced and worked through in a progression and each student's pace is considered so students can gain confidence as they progress. 

Parent-Child Taekwon-Do

This class is for parents and their children to practice Taekwon-do together.  It's a great way for parents to understand how challenging the sport is and to help their child develop confidence through martial arts.  It's a great workout for all and helps to develop coordination, balance, and control.  This is a very popular class.  Children must be accompanied by a parent.